Pad Inception

Pad inception, this is a pad within a pad. Mike and Danielle purchased a hot tub base and hired us anyway to have a pad built. Once built we cut the base exactly to the size of the tub. Once spa was on you couldn’t see the inside base at all, giving it a nice […]

8×10 Wood Spa Pad

8×10 wood spa pad for this beautiful yard with the best grass we’ve ever seen or felt. This pad left enough room for the cover to open and steps to be placed inside the pad. No puppies were harmed in the snapping of this photo.


This lovely couple bought their spa and didn’t have sufficient time to prepare before winter hit. If you have a relatively flat yard, you can consider having an above-ground pad instead or temporarily til Spring. In this case, we can’t wait to finish this project for Mike and Fiona once Spring is here and put […]


Upgrading to something bigger? No problem, here is a 2-foot extension to existing pad awaiting for their upgraded bigger swim spa!


We couldn’t move the rock so… We worked around it! We suggested placement here for two reasons 1. Customers can remove railings in the future if they wish and hop into their spa from deck 2. So the rock could be utilized as a step into the spa rather than seen as just something that’s […]

Pad plus Extension

Pad plus extension, it was such a pleasure working with Lori, she was quoted a pretty ridiculous amount of money to have her concrete extend out into a pad (essentially what she has now) So we came up with a plan to bring her vision to life except with a stained frame and decorative rock.  […]

Beautiful Spa Pad

This lovely customer had a site inspection done incorrectly and tub delivered onto an un-level surface. We moved her tub over and built her a beautiful spa pad, stained to her liking, on top of the dip in the ground. A solid level foundation for your spa to sit on is crucial to ensure your […]