• Have a general water care routine in place and stick to it. Test and treat the water after each heavy use, adjusting the pH and sanitizer as needed through the week.
  • Clean the filters every one to two months and try to drain and fill your hot tub every six months.
  • Chlorine and bromine are the only two approved sanitizers in accordance to Canada Health.
  • Don’t only put emphasis of care in your water! Make sure you remember to clean the jets and your filters from build up.
  • After hopping out of your tub to turn in for the night, take a little time to add sanitizer and leave the jets running for 10-15 minutes. This allows the water to keep moving so the sanitizer can do its job. The minor inconvenience can be what helps you in avoiding the bigger water care issues.
  • Rinsing off or having a shower before jumping into your hot tub is always a good idea in maintaining the quality of your water; as body lotions, oils and conditioners can cause a number of issues such as cloudy or foamy water.
  • The little orange sponge called a zorbie is a good tool you can buy to absorb oils/conditioners/bacteria that come off your body. Just make sure to NOT squeeze it! Doing so rereleases the trapped oils/bacteria into your spa
  • Are you going through pH minus too quickly? Muriatic acid is worth looking into to bring down your pH levels.

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