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Bromine is a two part system that requires an oxidizer to activate. Which causes a lot of people to add too much bromine, turning your water green. Without oxidizing the bromine it never becomes active to attack the bacteria, in other words, add shock.
Shock is a non-chlorinated oxidizer that activates dormant chlorine or bromine to allow it to attach to bacteria and dissipate to burn off your sanitizer and get rid of the bacteria.
Your water can be cloudy for several reasons: high pH/alkalinity, low sanitizer, dirty filters, body care products or old water. Your tub should have a neutral stable pH level between 7.2 – 7.6 to prevent the growth of bacteria. Your tub should be clear enough to see the bottom.
This is based on the frequency of usage and TBS (total dissolved solids) meaning how much concentration of chemical solids is in your hot tub but generally speaking it would need a drain and fill once every six months.
Filters should be cleaned once every month or two months and changed once every 12 – 18 months depending on usage to help with ease of maintenance and cleanliness.