Ninja Tips

Have a general water care routine in place and stick to it. Test and treat the water after each heavy use, adjusting the pH and sanitizer as needed through the week. Clean the filters every one to two months and try to drain and fill your hot tub every six months. Chlorine and bromine are […]

Don’t Be Cheap

Can you find someone on kijiji who will move your tub for $200 and service it real cheap? Absolutely! Will they be professionals who are fully insured and a legitimate business? Mmm probably not. Please do your research and protect yourself and your property. We come by many moves in tight and awkward places but […]

We Got You

Sometimes we get customers that aren’t a fan of the wood frame look and that’s 100% okay. As professionals it’s our job get creative in helping you hide it and make it so that its most aesthetically pleasing to you! It’s pad building season!

New Day, New Client

Treating/balancing the water for our lovely customers who recently received their 19 ft swim spa that’s sitting on a new finished pad built by us! Don’t forget we offer subscription services to treat your water, leave us with the headache of water maintenance and just cannonball in and shock it real quick when you come […]